Safety valves and pneumatic control devices

Safety valves protect against unwanted overpressure or underpressure caused by incorrect handling or malfunction.

We supply for the Czech market a quality products of the Italian brand TECHNICAL.

The safety valve SV 5001-H Series are particularly indicated to protect tanks fed, low delivery pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic lines or to protect from thermal expansion.

They can be used either with liquid or with gaseous fluids at ambient temperature. 

For this series PED certification and CE marking is available up to 330 bar set pressure.

The safety valve SV 10001 Series designed and produced by TECHNICAL srl are particularly indicated to protect the injection pump from overpressure caused by improper handling or malfunctioning. 

They can be used with various fluids at high and extremely high pressure, for this series PED certification and CE marking in compliance with Directive 2014/68/EU is available up to 700 bar set pressure.

The theoretical maximum capacity, for triplex pumps, arrives to 21 m³ / h ( 2 “valves).
The valves are manufactured in stainless steel, as standard material, but are also frequently produced in plastic materials (PVC, C-PVC, PTFE, PVDF) and in super-alloys for maximum reliability with particularly aggressive fluids.
The valve can be equipped with balancing/insulating bellows, and heating jacket in the case of backpressure and fluids that solidify at room temperature.
The version with a balancing piston and integral flanges is suitable to work correctly in the presence of high back pressures.
The availability of orifices from D to H and the possibility of set pressure up to 413 bar, allows to find the best solution for each installation.
The standard versions has carbon steel or stainless steel body and stainless steel trim; special materials are available upon request.
The valves of the 10000 series give many options for what regards the accessories: test gag, soft seat, lifting lever, bellows or balancing piston.
These valves are mainly used in the Oil & Gas, but are utilized on high pressure pumps for metal forging and mining industry.

Available with threaded connections, GAS and NPT and flanged in accordance with ASME B 16.5 or EN standard is available with the following sizes: ½ “, ¾” and 1 “x 1” and set pressure up to 1500 bar.

There are three orifices available to cover the different needs of pressure and capacity.

The body can be supplied in carbon steel or stainless steel, while the trim of the valve is always made in stainless steel.

In case of aggressive fluids and / or application, the valves can be manufactured in special steel: duplex, super duplex, monel etc. The fields of applications are many: cryogenic industry, industrial gases, protection of accumulators, compressors and high-pressure pumps.

Are also the classic valves used for protection from thermal expansion, in the Oil & Gas industry.

The accessories available are the following: locking screw, lifting lever, soft seat, balancing piston, adjustable blowdown for use with fluids in a gaseous state. The available certifications are: PED, EAC , ASME UV-Stamp (only for gas).

Series 30000 is the name given by TECHNICAL to its valves in accordance with API 526 standard.

Allowable set pressures range from 0,6 to 413 bar for fluids in liquid and gaseous state.

30000 Series pressure Safety Valves have been designed for vapour, gaseous fluid and liquid service.

These valves are full-nozzle, full lift and spring loaded.

In order to cover the widest range of temperature and pressures, the materials used for the body are A216 WCB, A 351 CF8M, A352 LCB and A217 WC6; the interior is also in stainless steel; the springs used are carbon steel, stainless steel, tungsten alloy steel and inconel for use in high temperature or corrosive environments.

Are also available, on request, special materials for any component of the valve. All accessories normally required are available.

Pilot Operated Safety Valves 30000P Series by Technical are designed in compliance with EN 12516-1 and ASME B 16.34 standards and, as they derive from 30000 Series High Efficiency Pilot Operated Safety Valves are the pilot version of series 30000 and, as a consequence, valves according to API standard 526 for orifices and center-to-face dimensions are compliant with API 526 standards.

Available orifices range from D up to U with connections from 1” x 2” up to 10” x 12” and rating from 150# x 150# up to 2500# x 600# according to ASME B 16.5 standard.

Connections according to different standards are available upon request.

Their main feature is the adjustable blowdown from 2% to 7% of set P and the pilot that can be “pop action or modulate type.

TECHNICAL, that has been manufacturing these valves for more than a decade, has recently revised its project in order to respond in a more competitive way to the growing number of requests for this type of valve. The drive to exploit to the limit the systems has increased the demand for this type of valve and it is the reason why the company has decided to up-date the entire series.

The available models currently include, as standard accessories, the back flow preventer, the filter, the lifting lever, the field test connection and the soft seat.

The pilot operated safety valves are used mainly in the Oil & Gas industry and share with the spring loaded series the range of available materials.

Dostupné certifikace jsou: PED, EAC (ex GOST-R, GGTN-K).

It is a device consisting of two separate parts: a liquid sensor supplemented by a connection to the tank and an ON-OFF pneumatic distributor.
The high sensitivity of the manifold allows the sensor to be used for different types of fluids and very low specific gravity.
It is available with a threaded connection (ASME, EN, API) or special according to the client's specifications.
The maximum working pressure is 700 bar.
Standard materials are: nickel alloy for sensor tube; carbon steel for support body; aluminum for manifold body and stainless steel for internal parts.
The universal pneumatic servovalve of the SV3 series enables the automation of lines under pressure.
This is achieved by using either a pneumatic signal or a manual intervention to activate a three-way distributor that switches the internal connection.
The following configurations are available: automatic, with manual reset, bistable and manual.
The REF 3000 Series Speed Check Valve is used to automatically block flow through the pipeline on which it is installed in the event of an increase in speed due to downstream circuit opening due to maneuver, fuse plug failure, seal failure, or any other event that causes downstream fluid flow.
The most common installation is on service lines equipped with fuse plugs.
In the event of a fire or as a result of a severe increase in temperature in the protected installation, one or more fuse-links will collapse and fluid will leak, causing the REF 3000 to operate.
The pressure switch controls the pneumatic signal either in the event of a drop or in the event of an increase in pressure in the pipe on which it is installed.
The line pressure is detected by a piston opposite an adjustable spring over the spindle.
When the pressure reaches the set value, the manifold blocks the signal pressure and connects the outlet to the vent line.
The PP 10000 pressure switch can also operate in reverse mode: when the set pressure is reached, the signal pressure is activated.
The pressure can be set over the entire spring range in either "high pressure" or "low pressure" mode.
TECHNICAL offers a special type of control valve for the oil and gas industry: the GV Series 20000 liquid drain valve.
This valve is a slide type and is mainly used behind separators to discharge excess water.
The most desirable configuration is a "fixed block", which ensures the connection of the shut-off valves and the control valve in a single block.
The valves have an integrated single-acting actuator and can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Their strength is formed by a tungsten carbide seat, which ensures high wear resistance.
Jejich pevnost je tvořena sedlem z karbidu wolframu, které zajišťuje vysokou odolnost proti opotřebení.
The design can also include a control panel that can be adjusted using limit switches, solenoid valves, pressure gauges and counterweights.
The CV-1500 series diverter valve allows one of the two valves mounted on it to be captured, allowing the other valve to operate simultaneously and dismantling and maintaining the intermittent valve.
Simultaneous capture of two valves is never possible.
The use of a diverter valve in factories allows routine maintenance of safety valves to be performed without stopping production and releasing pressure from the equipment, which saves time and refilling costs.
Threaded connections are available on the diverter valve body to secure the diverter valve unit and safety valve. The mounted valves can be placed in the most suitable direction.
Namontované ventily mohou být umístěny v nejvhodnějším směru.