Valves with servo drives

Actuated valves are useful helpers for controlling and monitoring the flow of water, air, gas. 

You can find them at heat pumps, swimming pools, solar power plants, but also, for example, in wineries, where they check the progress of fermentation.

We supply for the Czech market a quality products of the Italian brand Comparato. 

We have in stock basic technical products as well as the most modern actuators controlled via Wi-Fi.

ECOPOOL is used in the heating systems for #pool. The combination of a Compamix mixing valve with a Compact Pro diverting valve is useful to automatically switch between two different heat sources (such as between solar thermal and heat pump). In this way you can efficiently control the swimming pool temperature:

- Electronic regulation of the inlet temperature to the pool

- Automatic switching between two different energetic sources according to the available temperature

- Possibility of remote control thanks to the RS485 serial connection with Modbus-RTU protocol

Diamix FAST is the motorized mixing valve with electronic temperature control for domestic hot water WITHOUT RECIRCULATION.

It is available with MODBUS-RTU transmission protocol and has 24V - 110V - 230V 50/60hz power supply.

It is coupled with a ½” 3-way ball valve.


The compact PRO motorized valves have been designed, developed and improved in parallel with the growth of the Italian wine market.

Sintesi Smart is the actuator that communicates through Modbus-RTU protocol. It can receive controls and parameters’ settings in an easy way, granting a reliable control of the valve.

When combined with 2- and 3-way regulating ball valves, it regulates and controls thermal exchange in heating/cooling plants.

They are available from DN15 (1/2“) up to DN50 (2“): having a different Kvs value is possible with the same valve size thanks to the presence of several regulation discs.

Sintesi Smart Modbus is the actuator with Modbus communication protocol and RS485 serial network for heating/cooling, domestic water, automation and home automation.

The 0-10V - 2-10V - 0-20mA - 4-20mA proportional control and the 2-10V voltage feedback grant a high precision in regulation and control.

The power supply is 24V AC/DC, but 12V DC or 230V AC versions are also available.

Sintesi Smart Modbus is coupled to all 2-way, 3-way and by-pass ball valves from ½" to 1" and to PICV ball valves from½" to ¾".

The new generation of SMART PRO rotary actuators uses two possible communication protocols, #Modbus and #WiFi, for device configuration, diagnostics and control.

It offers several functions in a single product:

  • Type of power supply: 24... 230V AC, 12-24V DC
  • Control: ON-OFF, proportional (0-10V, 4-20ma, PWM), 2 or 3positions
  • Positioning control: 2-10V feedback, 2 microswitches
  • 90° operating times: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds
  • Correction of manoeuvring angle
  • Management of dead band
  • Internal temperature control
  • Activation of Fail-Safe function for emergency positioning operation

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